How does one celebrate festivals? Why do we celebrate festivals? Is the way two families celebrate Diwali or Eid the same? What do the young minds we work with understand about these celebrations? With the festive season around the corner, Neiil World School believes in capturing the beauty of the festivals and build experiences that will go a long way towards children learning about religious festivals, special foods, songs and loads of other information.

All this is centered on themes in the school. The music teachers think of songs, the art department plans art and craft work, language teachers have written work, essays, poems and even stories, social sciences organizes visits to places of worship and an in-depth study of symbols and other religious practices, Holy Books can be a matter of discussion. The general atmosphere in the school also becomes festive when students are allowed on special days to come in appropriate clothes.

Assembly time has small plays or dramatized version of some aspect of the festival. The historical perspective and the origins of celebrations becomes a topic of interest to older students. In the classroom interest also increases dramatically when students are encouraged to bring a sample of special food or sweets and share it with each other. Of course, as with all good things, it is all done with a healthy dose of planning sprinkled liberally with coordination!!

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