Neiil World School believes that education and academic competitions are two most important ingredients of human life and these two have always been considered as important issues. Student competitions provide a myriad of opportunities for children: a platform for them to demonstrate their talent, a stepping-stone to achieving greater things in life. They represent unconventional but effective ways of securing internships, scholarships, jobs and exposure to real-world issues.

There is no doubt education is secret key of human success and the roots of education lie on competition. A child is born without knowledge and skills, and they continuously participate in competitions every part of the life, developing skills and knowledge through a learning process. Education and competitions are very closely related as competitions are put in education for the development of educational skills. Indeed, without competitions, we cannot imagine education. A student has to fight in admission tests and once he/she has passed, he/she admitted in the institution. Then the institution arranges several kinds of competitions that enhance the knowledge as well as skills of a student. The exam itself is a biggest competition where a student competes to surpass others.

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